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City Harvest

I wanted to take a moment to express our sincere, profound gratitude for all of your hard work and DELICIOUS food. Not only did you all come together as a team and crank out a huge project during a very busy week, you did so with such grace, professionalism and positivity. What a wonderful project to be a part of. Furthermore, everyone who tried the bread pudding - from Hazel Brooks clients to City Harvest employees – absolutely raved about it! I kept one tray for the office for “quality control”. I set it up in our kitchen, sent out an all-office email letting people know to try it….boy am I popular now! The bread crumbs were distributed to clients at Hazel Brooks and will be used in their kitchen for future meals. And the croutons were already greatly enjoyed in salads. What a treat to be able to share all of this with our community. It has been a truly inspiring and humbling pleasure to work with you all. Be proud!


BCCC 2018 Community Activism Award | 03.08.18
Video by Jay Gunning (jay@owlbridgemedia.com) and Jeff Harris (studio@jeffharrisphoto.com).

Brownsville NOW! Inaugural Benefit | 03.08.18