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November 20, 2017

Why s it kale and not collards or okra? my dining companion asked as he held a kale biscuit in his hand with abject curiosity. He took a cautious nibble and was so taken aback that the fronds of his fernlike curly flattop bobbed backward. Wow, he said. That s why ... [...]

November 6, 2017

Thank you Dr. Goss District 23 MBK Mentor Ambassadors for hosting the My Brother's Keeper intro event at our space today! [...]

October 27, 2017

The Brownsville Community Culinary Center is a caf , bakery, and culinary training program in Brownsville, Brooklyn that trains community members for culinary careers through a 40-week apprenticeship program. Philip Hoffman, executive director, Lucas Denton, it s co-founder and content director, and Rodney Frazer, chef educator at the program, join us to discuss the program. We will also hear from JohnnyMae Robinson, an advisory board member, as well as some of the group s participants... [...]

October 6, 2017

Beyond grateful to Aaron Dessner and The National for this shout out at Forest Hills and to Marika Shaw and Plus1 for their remarkable support. $1 of every ticket sold on The National tour going to The BCCC! [...]

July 27, 2017

Four years ago, Lucas Denton was shopping at the Scratchbread Bakery in Bedford-Stuyvesant when he noticed a large man, seemingly unfamiliar with that part of Brooklyn, gesticulating and speaking loudly on the sidewalk in what Mr. Denton described as an Elven language. His impulse was to welcome him to the neighborhood, he recounted recently, and maybe calm him down a touch. Mr. Denton, then in his late 20s, had developed an appreciation for fashion but food culture remained alien to him; so it signified nothing when the man said that his name was Claus Meyer... [...]


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